It may be tempting, but I think most of us are well-acquainted with the tale of a relationship taking a turn for the worst after the couple chooses to get matching lovey-dovey tattoos. The week leading up to Valentine’s Day tends to be a hot time for couples to proclaim their eternal love for each other through tattoo work, from what I’ve gathered.

I think it’s fair to say that while people are all about showing their love via tattoos, the designs tend to be smaller and involving an almost novelty-like set of subject matter. Of course when all else fails people go the good ol’ name route, something I consider especially dangerous. It’s one thing to tattoo the name of children or other family members on you, but putting the name of a boyfriend/girlfriend on you is almost always a curse.

Don’t worry too much though, for every choice you make that you feel may have been a bad idea there’s a tattoo removal location happy to help you with the cleanup. ;)