The Modern-Day Tattoo Renaissance by Joey Knuckles

January 29th, 2014 by Kevin -


Guest Blog by Joey Knuckles

Tattooing is all about progression. We learn from our mistakes and we grow every day; we should all approach it with humility and respect for our fellow artists. True tattooers want to continue to grow, and to become the best tattooers, artists, and people that they can be. To do this we must get rid of the negativity. I can tell you from my own personal experiences over the past couple of years that there are already enough things to bring you down.

A little advice: about two years ago, I stopped listening to news/media/political arguments. I also fought off some personal demons, such as drinking, anger, and depression. Not only have my anxiety and stress levels dropped drastically, but also my thought process has been liberated and I’ve been able to focus on what truly matters. Separating yourself from all the negativity and drama in your life, and surrounding yourself with people who support you is so important. The people in my life, including my wife Tori, my ever loyal Philadelphia clientele, my continuously growing Columbus clientele, and my brothers everywhere, are what keep me going and continuing to progress and to further my understanding of the past, present, and future of this craft. I can wake up in the morning, work on some sketches, and just be happy and honored to be part of the tattoo community.

We are the few and the lucky to be “true tattoo artists.” We must understand that we are all folk artists responsible for handing this craft over to the next generation with integrity and intelligence. If we ever want to progress as individuals and as artists, we have to understand fully what builds a true “traditional tattoo.” Not that everyone has to work in a “traditional style,” but everyone should understand and be able to accomplish the fundamental tattooing techniques. We must understand the tools involved in this trade, and resist relying on shortcuts such as tracing other artists’ work, Google images, and using programs like Photoshop to create graphic images that are unrealistic in the tattoo world (never mind Photoshopping tattoo pictures to create colors and vibrancy that do not exist in nature). As the saying goes, “Don’t confuse the menu with the meal.” People in the beginnings of their careers in this industry are learning these days with rotaries right from the start, without taking the necessary 5 to 10 years needed to master working with coil machines, among other aspects of tattooing. It seems everyone is rushing into fame without absorbing the knowledge required to become a “tattoo master.” So let’s take this note from one of our forefathers in tattooing, which has been a personal motto of mine, so that maybe we can all treat each other, and our craft, a little better: “I ‘Joey Knuckles’ am in the business of rendering a service to this community for the small group who choose to have their bodies decorated in some way or another…I choose to pursue my profession with intelligence and skill, wishing not to offend anyone, but instead with my love for mankind do what good I can do before I die…” —Pledge by Stoney St. Clair.

Joey KnucklesJoey Knuckles has been tattooing since 2003. Beginning his career in Columbus, Ohio most notably at High Street Tattoo, where he honed his tattoo skills in a fast-paced environment under his mentor Giovani. He then moved to Philadelphia in 2008, working in legendary shops like Philadelphia Eddies, Olde City Tattoo, Art Machine Productions, and Black Vulture Gallery, over the past five years. He has now returned to Columbus full-time, after inheriting High Street tattoo from his good friend, mentor, and High Street Tattoo founder Giovani. Joey prides himself on being a well-rounded tattoo artist specializing in anything ranging from cover-ups, custom lettering, floral work, to large-scale illustrative designs.

You’re gonna hear see the roar

January 13th, 2014 by Kevin -


I have a love and hate relationship with Instagram when it comes to tattooing. I love the fact that artists can immediately share what they’re tattooing, but I hate the fact that I can’t really see the tattoo. On Instagram, you miss those details that come with a high quality picture. That’s why I hit Joey Knuckles the second he posted this picture on Instagram. Sure, we can all appreciate it when you’re scrolling through but we need a high quality shot to really appreciate it.

Tattoo by Joey Knuckles

Tattoo by Joey Knuckles at High Street Tattoo in Columbus, Ohio

Correction: Once Ridden, Twice Shown at Memento Tattoo & Gallery this SATURDAY

November 30th, 2012 by Kevin -


Saturday night, Joey Knuckles is taking his Once Ridden Art Show to Memento Tattoo & Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Doors open at 8:00PM, and will stay open till 11:00PM. Drinks, food, and festivities will be included free of charge.

There’s very few events that make me say “Damnit, I wish I was in Ohio” but this is definitely one of them.

Joey Knuckles answers a few questions about the Once Ridden Art Show

October 30th, 2012 by Kevin -


The Once Ridden Art Show was curated and organized by Joey Knuckles. The event took place at Art Machine Productions back in September, and seemed like a good time. Since the event, we’ve been in touch with Joey and we were waiting for the perfect time to have him answer a couple questions. With the word of the event traveling, and Joey not working due to Hurricane Sandy – the perfect time is now.

The Art Machine Productions Interview

September 27th, 2012 by Kevin -


I initially approached Tim Pangburn about doing an Art Machine Productions feature over a year ago, when the shop was just Tim and two other artists. Actually, it might have been just Tim and one other artist. It was such a long time ago, I don’t even remember. Art Machine Productions now has a new location,  six full time artists, and the 2011 Philly HotList award as the #1 shop in Philadelphia. Oh, how times have changed.

Click below to learn more about Tim and his motley crew of tattoo artists, and check out some of the killer work their putting out.

Tattoo by Kristel Oreto at Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia, PA

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May 8th, 2012 by Kevin -


You don’t typically see black roses used in a Mom tattoo, but it works in a strange way.
Tattoo by Joey Knuckles at Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia, PA.

Joey Knuckles leaves Olde City Tattoo

February 10th, 2012 by Kevin -


Joey Knuckles announced this week he’ll be leaving Olde City Tattoo, and tattooing at Art Machine Productions full time. The move officially takes place on February 20th, but I believe appointments are already being booked.

Click here to really see this tattoo. This picture below doesn’t do this piece justice.

Tattoo by Joey Knuckles at Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia, PA