Yes, you read the title correctly. TLC, the same people that brings you Toddlers & Tiaras (and New York Ink), is launching a new show they’ve dubbed “Tattoo School”. The series follows Lisa Fasulo as she spends two weeks teaching her students how to tattoo at her untraditional tattoo school. You heard me: two weeks.

If you’re not completely disgusted yet, check out the show’s tagline:

Rookie students, models risking their skin to first time body artists, a rebellious instructor and unconventional training… who will bear the drama of competition and survive?

Listen, the fact that a “school” like this exists is appalling–just take a peek at their student gallery and I’m sure you’ll agree. But what’s really getting to me about this particular show in the making is that TLC is going to be actively promoting not just THIS school, but any other self-dubbed tattoo school as well. It’s just beyond repulsive to me.

Under normal circumstances we don’t touch topics like this with a 10 foot pole… but this is a little different, because this is bullshit of the highest order. Interested in sharing your opinion with TLC? They can be contacted via this webform, or via their Twitter page.

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