April 11th, 2014 by Kevin -


Would you call this a cra-ger? Or a tig-ab?

Any other suggestions will be accepted below.

Tattoo by Jeffrey Meyer

Tattoo by Jeffrey Meyer at Unbreakable Tattoo in Studio City, CA

Alphonse Mucha’s Zodiac

April 10th, 2014 by Kevin -


Most of you have probably seen Alphonse Mucha’s Zodiac, but didn’t know what it actually was. Honestly I didn’t either.

I bet Alphonse Mucha never thought people would be tattooing his art on their bodies a hundred years later…

Tattoo by Jeff Johnson

Tattoo by Jeff Johnson at Memoir Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA

Darth ‘Cutie’ Maul

April 10th, 2014 by Kevin -


For some reason this cute little Darth Maul reminds me of Hell City. Maybe it’s because of the loose devil and Darth Maul resemblance… or maybe because it reminds me of the Hellion Hell City logo, or maybe because I’m really excited Hell City is two days away?

Tattoo by Thom BulmanTattoo by Thom Bulman at Town Hall Tattoo in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Nate of All Trades

April 9th, 2014 by Kevin -


One of my favorite Instagram accounts is Nate Beavers. Nate tattoos it all, and is always working on something interesting. Do yourself a favor, and follow him.

Tattoo by Nate Beavers

Tattoo by Nate Beavers in Houston, TX

Pretty When You Cry

April 9th, 2014 by Kevin -


You don’t see too many portraits that are crying, but shit… I like it.

Tattoo by Alice Kendall

Tattoo by Alice Kendall at Wonderland Tattoo in Portland, OR

Learn the Ropes

April 8th, 2014 by Kevin -


I wonder how nautical phrases/slang like hold fast and learn the ropes became part of everyday language? And what phrases/slang today will become everyday language in the future?

I’m going to be really disappointed if YOLO sticks around for the long haul…

Tattoo by Javier Betancourt

Tattoo by Javier Betancourt at Ocho Placas Tattoo Company in Miami, FL

Stay… Bali?

April 8th, 2014 by Kevin -


Apparently the wearer of this tattoo wants this wolf to stay in Bali. That must be a bad ass wolf.

Tattoo by Heath Clifford

Tattoo by Heath Clifford at Fat Ink Tattoo in Newcastle, Australia