Every time a fairly visible tattooer gets involved with reality TV, I wonder how they feel about it after. While it doesn’t look like Tim Hendricks has any interest in writing a tell-all  about his experience shooting NY Ink, he did pop off this gem about reality TV that I wish the show’s producers would pass along to their target audience:

With tattooing becoming as popular as it is these days every person that knows how to doodle wants to become a tattooer. I can only complain about it so much before I start feeling sad and a bit responsible as a result of partaking in crappy reality TV. […] Reality TV is a joke, it’s not real. If you haven’t figured that one out by now then you are an infant. What you watch on TV is not how tattooing really is. Tattoos take longer than three minutes and most ordinary people don’t sit and talk about this incredibly breathtaking story behind it. For the most part tattooers get along pretty well in shops, and even if they don’t they usually just find a common ground and agree to disagree.

Reality TV wasn’t the focal point of Tim’s post, however. To read the rest of Tim’s post, scoot over to the Salt Water Tattoo blog.

Tattoo by Tim Hendricks

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