#FollowFriday – Clothing companies

January 15th, 2010 by Kevin -


Last week we covered Tattoo Artists, so today we’re going to move onto clothing companies. I don’t typically get into brands, but these three companies are exceptions. Heavily influenced by the tattoo world, and often designed by tattoo artists – these three companies make multiple appearances in my closet.

    Sullen Clothing – Sullen makes regular appearances on this website, and for good reason too. Sullen supports over twenty different tattoo artists through signature t-shirts, fund raising events, and various online media.Rebel 8 – Legendary artist and former tattooist Mike Giant is the design inspiration behind this clothing company. Rebel 8 has a mixture of graffiti inspired tattoo related clothing with a dash of hipster fashion. I personally tend to stay away from the fixed gear designs, and stick strictly to the tattoo themed shirts.

    To Die For – Before there was a Miami Ink, Tim Hendrix and Chris Garver were designing shirts for To Die For. That was probably seven or eight years ago, and this company has made appearances in my closet since then. Before you write this company off and make a snide remark about the Miami Ink reference, at least check out the clothing.

Just like I did for the ‘Tattoo Artists‘ – I created a list for this group as well. I simply labeled it ‘Style‘ as we’ll be adding more companies to this list that go above and beyond clothing.

These lists are aimed at making it easier for people to follow this group, and they’ll grow as we continue to talk about new and different people and companies.

#FollowFriday – Tattoo Artists

January 8th, 2010 by Kevin -


A couple weeks ago, we announced a weekly #FollowFriday post to share some of our favorite Twitter users. The weekly posts seemed to lack over the past two weeks due to the holidays, so we waited on posting this until now.

Obviously tattoo artists are the best place to start, so without further ado – here’s the list:

    Tim Kern – The infamous New York city tattoo artist has has a strong presence on the internet for years, and it’s no surprise that Tim is all over the newest internet fad.Megan Massacre – Like our previous posts of Megan? Good, because they were both stolen from her tweets.

    Shawn Barber – Tattoo artist and painter extraordinaire Shawn Barber shares his tasks throughout the day, and typically includes a snap shot showing off his jaw dropping work.

    Myke Chambers – Myke updates his Twitter quite a bit, and is constantly sending out pictures, links, and letting everyone know when he’s tattooing live over UStream.

    Durb Morrison – If you know anything about Durb, it’s he is always working on something new. You can try to keep up, but let me warn you – it’s not easy.

    Adam Hathorn – Adam Hathorn AKA HonkeyKong is someone I make sure always check out his tweets. A mixture of unique tattoo work, and humorous tweets helps fuel my Twitter addiction.

In an attempt to make it easier for people to follow this group, and people that will be added to the group in the future – I’ve created a list off the Tattoo Snob twitter account. From what I understand you can follow this list as opposed to all the users, and still receive all the tweets.

I’ll be updating this list in the future, removing people that fall off the Twitter game and adding fresh faces.

Teenage Tattoos

December 29th, 2009 by Julene Huffman -


I’m pretty happy all the sweet tattoos I thought I would be getting at age 14 didn’t wind up happening thanks to all those pesky 18+ laws here in the US. Obviously, not everyone feels that way. If you feel like trying to understand the younger generation’s desire to get tattooed you could watch the video below… just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

LBTV: Teenage Tattoos from therideronline on Vimeo.

Hot Snob: Durb “GQ” Morrison

December 21st, 2009 by Julene Huffman -


Allow me to show some of you gals one of my favorite hot snobs… Durb Morrison. I thought I’d share this gem with the ladies since so many guys seemed to enjoy the photos of Radeo by Powder Puff Pinups.


C’mon, what other tattooist can you think of that’s appearing in photos that would almost have you convinced he’s a supermodel? (You know, aside from the hand tattoos & the ability to grow facial hair thing.)


All of these photos were taken by his wife, Alissa–a lucky lady indeed, wouldn’t you agree?

Long live the King!

November 13th, 2009 by Kevin -


We couldn’t talk about Friday the 13th without posting something about Oliver Peck.

Now Jeremy Swan is currently trying to break the world record, and has to complete 801 to get his name into the book. In the first video below, you hear “Over 200 is the goal. . . .” which shows how old this video is.

I remember reading a couple years back (in Prick Magazine) that every Friday the 13th, no matter where he is, Oliver Peck does 13 tattoo’s all day long for $13. I don’t know if that’s still true, but know you understand why I refer to him as the king.

Dan Henk’s Halloween Special

October 31st, 2009 by Kevin -


When the idea of a Halloween special was being tossed around, I immediately thought of Dan Henk. Dan’s a true horror movie lover, and has done a number of tattoos involving characters from the famous movies. Dan graciously agreed, and had this to say about the subject:

People often ask me what it is about horror and gore that attracts me. I immediately ask them what their home address is, and when they will be around. . . . .

I think horror fans get a bad rap.  We’re just normal people well prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse people, but just people. If I want to do pure evil, I’ll start doing portraits of politicians. When it comes to horror images, how can you not love them? There is more of an implicit story, more of an undercurrent of something deep and mysterious. I think a horror tattoo makes way more sense than another boring conformist flash based wall piece, unless you are boring and have no soul – like the aforementioned politicians.

*Note: If you’re in the Southern California area, make sure you stop by Tattoolapalooza in San Diego. As of Friday, Dan had some spots open if you were interested in getting tattooed.

by Dan Henkby Dan Henkby Dan Henkby Dan Henkby Dan Henk

Sweetest Day indeed

October 17th, 2009 by Julene Huffman -


The third Saturday of the Month of October is apparently a new holiday I’ve never heard of –Sweetest Day. If you’ve never heard of the holiday, don’t feel bad. It’s generally only celebrated in the Great Lakes region and portions of the Northeast. As it slowly spreads outwards to the rest of the country, don’t be surprised if you hear it mentioned among your friends.

From what research I’ve done it appears “Sweetest Day” is supposed to be male-oriented, a flip side to Valentine’s Day if you will. I thought they already had Steak & Blowjob day (March 14th ladies, mark your calendars!) for that purpose, but I guess that holiday name isn’t really greeting card material. Neither is this topic, for that matter: name tattoos. Do you have ‘em? Did you get them on some special, romantically inclined day? More importantly, are you desperate to get rid of them? I already touched on the MTV True Life casting (and heard all about the truly stellar candidates they chose to feature)–so now I’m hoping some of you in the NY/NJ area know something about this little piece of gold I found: the “did you tattoo your significant other’s name and now regret it?” casting. Who wants to bet this is an even bigger mess than other removal-related shows on as of late? Obviously this is becoming an increasingly more popular topic, but at what cost to those of us that don’t regret the people/places/things we found important enough to commemorate through our flesh?

What I’m really saying is that I hope you spent your Saturday smooching instead of getting laser removal–or thinking about getting it. Whichever better suits your current needs.