Rebel Ink defines the “New Inked American Family”

March 8th, 2011 by Kevin -


Rebel Ink published a copy of their April cover, and it’s stirring up some controversy. Featured on the cover is Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and Michael Lohan as the “Tattooed American Family.”

Did that sentence make anyone else sick to their stomach? Yeah…

I’m having a hard time understanding why Rebel Ink insists on idolizing these two. It’s not like Michael Lohan or Michelle McGee are known for their good deeds, their contribution to the tattoo industry, or their inspirational messages to the kids. Instead both are known for despicable behavior, and generally considered embarrassments to everyone they’re associated with.

I’m confident if you’re still reading this, you don’t plan to buy this magazine. I’m willing to bet you’ve never purchased an issue of Rebel Ink, nor really thought twice about it. If you see it however, don’t be afraid to pick it up. I encourage you to form your own opinion, and at least read the piece about Royal Street Tattoo. Those guys are a tattooed family we can be proud of.

Nicole Richie wouldn’t want her kids tattooed – would you?

September 30th, 2010 by Julene Huffman -


Nicole Richie’s come a long way since she and her former BFF Paris Hilton permanently scarred numerous TV view with their hilarious(ly stupid) antics on The Simple Life. These days she’s still all over the tabloids, though it’s with a much different activity list:  mother of two, fashionista, married to a semi-irrelevant pop punk icon and most importantly, living quietly.

Recently on the The View, she commented on how she would feel about her own children getting tattoos. Considering both she and her hubby are tattooed, I find the following statement  a little insulting:

I know I sound like a hypocrite, but I would be so sad. Joel has sleeves and his twin brother Benji has tattoos on his neck and his face. I’m just hoping that my kids will be so embarrassed of them that they’re not going to have any. It happens!

While I understand the desire to see your children grow up and be perfect, her statement is what strikes me as the saddest–not to mention most ignorant–thing she could say in an interview. Part of me suspects this may be a, “Hey mainstream America: ACCEPT ME! I’m wholesome and maternal now, see?” moment.

This leaves me with no choice but to ask all of you, parents or not: how would you feel about your children getting tattooed? What about them actively pursing heavy tattoo coverage, be that them following in your footsteps or not?

Irresponsible Ami?

August 10th, 2010 by Julene Huffman -


With all the advances made in laser tattoo removal, it’s amazing (but not surprising) how much misinformation is floating around. It’s important for those of us looking to have tattoos removed to be able to talk to a qualified professional about what to expect, how much we can reasonably expect a tattoo to fade, and so forth.

Cue Ami James broadcasting a message to thousands about laser tattoo removal via his blog without verifying any of the information. Is it me or is this beyond irresponsible? It’d be one thing if Ami wasn’t a tattooer, hadn’t had his own TLC tattoo reality show and wasn’t still trying to ride that wave of fame. But he is, and he did and he does–and slapping some generic disclaimer in there is equally as foolish on his part.

The link I saw was accompanied with text implying Ami’s post was to answer questions surrounding the topic for potential clients. This is one of those instances when I think a simple referral to qualified professionals would’ve been his best bet.

There ain’t no party like a tattoo party

March 1st, 2010 by Julene Huffman -


Oh Facebook, thank you for never letting the opportunity for someone to embarrass themselves pass them by…

BYOB, huh? I wonder if anyone has actually received something GOOD during a tattoo party. Or better yet, about some of the really heinous stuff that has been the result. Please tell me one of you can answer these questions!

Relationship kiss of death: the matching tattoo

February 14th, 2010 by Julene Huffman -


It may be tempting, but I think most of us are well-acquainted with the tale of a relationship taking a turn for the worst after the couple chooses to get matching lovey-dovey tattoos. The week leading up to Valentine’s Day tends to be a hot time for couples to proclaim their eternal love for each other through tattoo work, from what I’ve gathered.

I think it’s fair to say that while people are all about showing their love via tattoos, the designs tend to be smaller and involving an almost novelty-like set of subject matter. Of course when all else fails people go the good ol’ name route, something I consider especially dangerous. It’s one thing to tattoo the name of children or other family members on you, but putting the name of a boyfriend/girlfriend on you is almost always a curse.

Don’t worry too much though, for every choice you make that you feel may have been a bad idea there’s a tattoo removal location happy to help you with the cleanup. ;)

Guess how many fucks I give about celebrity tattoos!

February 12th, 2010 by Julene Huffman -


I just love the fact that when I go looking for tattoo-related news on the internet the vast majority of the “articles” (we’re using that term loosely) that pop up go a little something like this:

    - Lady Gaga got a tattoo, which she now said is “an ode to her fans.”

    – Rihanna got yet another tiny banger tattoo, which she will talk about candidly on her next interview with 20/20.

    – An Olympian you’ve never heard of before now gets some sick ink.

    – Nas wants the portrait tattoo on his forearm of ex-wife, Kelis, removed.

    – That one dude from Jersey Shore added more tattoos, in case you didn’t know he was Italian already.

    – Amy Winehouse doesn’t want the tattoo of her junkie ex-husband’s name on her chest anymore.

On and on about these famous folks and their generally non-visible tattoos… I’m over it. Unless they’re doing something big & beautiful (which, considering how well off these celebrities tend to be financially, doesn’t happen often) I don’t want my newsfeeds clogged with this crap.

No, I don’t care how many relationship tattoos are going to be removed by superstars. No, I don’t care about some tiny tattoo every girl will suddenly start replicating and try to pretend she didn’t steal it of [insert superstar name here]’s recently released promo photos. No, I don’t care that some silly celeb got a tattoo in Italian and one of the words was misspelled.

I can’t be the only one sick of reading this stuff. Since when is that kind of stuff considered “news” anyway? How is this more important than… well, anything really?

#FollowFriday – Photographers

January 22nd, 2010 by Julene Huffman -


Before you get all snooty wondering why you should add a bunch of photographers on Twitter because of a Follow Friday post… remember one thing: these dudes photograph chicks with tattoos. That has a tendency to end with those tattooed girls being naked.

Clearly the appeal here needs no further explanation, so without further adieu:

    - Craig Burton: I think most of our readers are US-based, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be lurking Craig’s photos. He shoots a lot of live music, he has a bunch of tattoo work of his own, and also happens to be accountable for some of the better photos I’ve seen in Inked.

    Alissa Brunelli: Seems like everyone has been stoked on all of Alissa’s work that we’ve posted on here so far. (Especially the photos of Radeo and Frolic for Powderpuff Pinups.) Imagine the sheer joy you would experience seeing new work from her on the regular!

    Sylvia Hagar: I don’t see how it’s possible for anyone to not know who Sylvia is–she’s responsible for photos of all the hottest babes you see in Prick Magazine & we interviewed her a few weeks back.

    Kelly Lind: Kelly has a pretty long-standing habit of photographing hot chicks covered in tattoo work. I will say that most of the photos of his you will find online are NSFW, so be careful about what computer you use when pulling up his website.

Of course if following people individually isn’t your style, you could make things easy on yourself and just follow the TattooSnob approved photographer list on Twitter. If you know of someone else we should be adding to that list, by the way, don’t hesitate to email me about it.