Damian Mills from  Triplesix Studios was recently in a terrible car accident, and was severely injured earlier this year. Damian has made a great recovery, but has been left blind as a consequence of his injuries. This is a terrible blight for such a young and talented artist. His family has discovered a piece of technology which could help Damian regain some awareness of his surroundings. This is a costly investment, and Damian and his family need our help.

To help pay for this, The In-Sight Project has been created. Original artwork has been donated from a variety of artists, and will be auctioned off with all of the proceeds going to Damian and his family. All of the original artwork can be seen here, and you can read more about The In-Sight Project below.

The brief is to think about our sight, without which there would be no art, we would have no vocation, our passion for our art would be a void. We would never be able to exercise imagination onto a canvas, onto skin, onto paper or screen. What does that mean to us? Now produce a piece of art with that in mind… It could be a straightforward rendering of the human eye, a representation of what your sight means to you, the last thing you might wish to see, beauty and how our eyes behold it, vision in its most primal or animalistic form, horrors of the eye, decorative or abstract notions of sight… The brief is wide open for you to interpretation.

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