I’ve always been a fan of the overall style of Mike Giant. I don’t know what it is about his style, but it grabs me. The graffiti, his pseudo traditional eagles and snakes, the tattooed girls – I like it all. He was always on my list of people I wanted to get tattooed by, but he unfortunately took a step back and no longer professionally tattoos.

Last year I stumbled across Rebel 8, a clothing line that features Mike Giant’s artwork. Since discovering them, they’ve quickly become one of my favorite brands.¬†Each season the Rebel 8 line continues to grow, expanding their men’s and¬†women’s line, and various accessories.

Rebel 8 - Locked UpRebel 8 - Rosalie

Pictured throughout this entry are my personal favorites from the newest line, Fall ’09. The new line dropped this week, and features Mike Giant’s recognizable art in a variety of cuts and styles. All of the new pieces are available on the shop section of the Rebel 8 site, as well as a handful of boutiques across the world.

Rebel 8 - SlimeballsRebel 8 - Last GaspRebel 8 - Venom

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