The In-Sight Project

November 8th, 2012 by Kevin -


Damian Mills from  Triplesix Studios was recently in a terrible car accident, and was severely injured earlier this year. Damian has made a great recovery, but has been left blind as a consequence of his injuries. This is a terrible blight for such a young and talented artist. His family has discovered a piece of technology which could help Damian regain some awareness of his surroundings. This is a costly investment, and Damian and his family need our help.

To help pay for this, The In-Sight Project has been created. Original artwork has been donated from a variety of artists, and will be auctioned off with all of the proceeds going to Damian and his family. All of the original artwork can be seen here, and you can read more about The In-Sight Project below.

The brief is to think about our sight, without which there would be no art, we would have no vocation, our passion for our art would be a void. We would never be able to exercise imagination onto a canvas, onto skin, onto paper or screen. What does that mean to us? Now produce a piece of art with that in mind… It could be a straightforward rendering of the human eye, a representation of what your sight means to you, the last thing you might wish to see, beauty and how our eyes behold it, vision in its most primal or animalistic form, horrors of the eye, decorative or abstract notions of sight… The brief is wide open for you to interpretation.

Help the victims of Hurricane Sandy with this limited print

November 5th, 2012 by Kevin -


Everyone has seen the destruction that Hurricane Sandy has caused, but how can you help? You can purchase this limited print by Adam Hays at Red Rocket Tattoo in New York City, New York. These are 11X14 on heavy watercolor paper, and are selling for $50 a piece. 100% of the profits will go to help people put their lives back together. They can be purchased at

Print by Adam Hays at Red Rocket Tattoo in New York City, New York

Real Tattoo Artists Don’t Work In Kitchens

September 29th, 2012 by Kevin -


A couple weeks ago, we posted two shirts that Jason Reed drew up and planned to get printed. The response from the shirts was so overwhelmingly positive, Ink Addict decided to help Jason out and have them printed.

Jason is currently taking pre-orders to get an idea of sizes needed. The shirts will be $20 and can be picked up at the Spooky Empire Convention next month, or can be mailed to you for an additional $5 for shipping. Interested parties can Paypal Jason at

Video: With the Light of Truth

August 9th, 2012 by Kevin -


You’ve read our previous posts about Dan Smith’s straight edge book, With the Light of Truth, but you’ve never seen this video.

If you’re not familiar with the book, read more about it here and buy yourself a copy of it here.

Test your Mettle

July 2nd, 2012 by Kevin -


I don’t know much about this brand, but I’ve stumbled across the Mettle Collective Brand online and I’m dying to know more (and get my hands on some shirts.) I know they’re working with Scotty Munster, Dave Tevenal, Justin ‘Big Meas’ Wilson, and a number of other talented artists.

If anyone has any additional information, feel free to post it in the comments below.

Help Helping Heal Heroes

June 26th, 2012 by Kevin -


Here’s your chance to do a good deed, and buy some quality art work for your place. Brian Harris is auctioning off the piece below with all proceeds going to Helping Heal Heroes. Bidding is simple, just go to his Facebook page and leave a comment on this picture with your bid. Bidding ends this weekend.

What are you waiting for? Go bid!

Swapping tattoo stories

June 4th, 2012 by Julene Huffman -


The concept behind Pen & Ink is certainly unique, though I was skeptical about the idea when I first heard about the site. The idea of yet another Tumblr posting the stories behind peoples’ tattoos had me rolling my eyes–there’s a lot of room for things to go wrong when it comes to posting pictures of peoples’ tattoos indiscriminately. Then I read on Laughing Squid that the managing editor of Rumpus Magazine (Isaac Fitzgerald) and illustrator Wendy MacNaughton were involved. I had no choice but to check it out.

Here’s what sold me on the project: there’s no photos. Each post includes a user-submitted story alongside a simple pen & ink rendering of it. The illustration over photo approach cuts out any room for critiquing the tattoo itself, placing all the emphasis on the story rather than the result.

I’m curious what everyone else has to say–or, more importantly, if any of you are planning on submitting your own stories for consideration.