There’s something decidedly enviable about having gotten a tattoo from one of the few remaining greats of tattooing–though with each passing year, the window of opportunity to be tattooed by some of these living pieces of tattoo history closes a little bit more. That being said, the window for those looking to be tattooed by Dave Shore closed when he passed away earlier this month.

Dave opened the original Dragon Tattoo in early 1971 in Vancouver. His travels led him to across the continental United States and eventually overseas, working with notable artists like Brian Zuk, Mike Malone, and Terry Tweed, among others. After spending four years working with Hanky Panky in Amsterdam, Dave returned to Canada to re-open Dragon Tattoo in Surrey, B.C. with his wife, Gemma.

While I saw something online about a memorial party for Dave in Vancouver, I can’t find the link again for the life of me. Please leave a note in the comments if you’re “in the know” about such an event.

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