It saddens me to say this, but it appears Prick Magazine is for sale. Prick Magazine Publisher Chuck B. put this message on the Prick Magazine Facebook page yesterday:

Ok everyone the time for the announcement is now. After being fired and rehired then fired again by a crazy old man that can’t even check emails, I have not been producing any other magazines for Art and Ink/Outlaw Biker publications for over a month now. Three or four issues have come out since my termination. I do not work well with bosses I guess. Now on to the PRICK announcement. Without the paycheck from the other camp I am left with some harsh conditions.

We have been stiffed over $18 thousand dollars over the last few years on advertising in PRICK and I have been losing about $2 to $3000 every time I put out an issue for the last 2 or more years. I have always done it for the passion of the arts because I was financially secure before I started PRICK. Now my money is gone and so is my passion to support those who don’t actually support me. Therefore PRICK as a magazine/title is FOR SALE and I will be taking it out of print as of now. The online presence will stay functioning but I am retiring from the role as publisher and current events journalist of the tattoo community. We will be producing a book or box set of books. “A PRICK’s Dozen” A 12 year history of tattoo lifestyle thru the pages of PRICK Magazine. Pre orders and a kickstarter fundraiser will be up soon on the website. Any unfulfilled promises of articles, advertiser or subscriber issues will be fulfilled thru the pages of the book or by receiving a copy or by our online venues. Sorry folks but I have left my blood and money all in the ring and this fight is over for me personally. Maybe someone can come along and buy out the title and save the day and keep things rolling but I woefully though in the towel on producing current event tattoo magazines for a living. I will be pursuing my own art career along with completing the book and hope to get your support in this next chapter.

Yours truly,
Chuck B.
PRICK Magazine publisher.

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