The Once Ridden Art Show was curated and organized by Joey Knuckles. The event took place at Art Machine Productions back in September, and seemed like a good time. Since the event, we’ve been in touch with Joey and we were waiting for the perfect time to have him answer a couple questions. With the word of the event traveling, and Joey not working due to Hurricane Sandy – the perfect time is now.

Tattoo Snob: What exactly is Once Ridden, and how did the idea come about? 

Joey Knuckles: Once Ridden is an art show unique in and of itself because original paintings done on skateboard decks are fitted with trucks and wheels and given to skaters to thrash, while our top notch photographers capture the moments on film.   The scratches, dents and dings become a part of the original artwork.  I first had the idea while working at High Street Tattoo 8 years ago, and I’ve been cultivating the idea ever since.  I had spoken with many galleries and numerous people about putting on the show and finally things came together this year at Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia. Some of the biggest names in the industry, great photographers and awesome skaters came together for this one of a kind skateboard art show.

TS: What artists are involved, and how did you pick them?
JK: Benji Harris, Patt Whelan, Nick Panzer, Evan Lovett, Paul Marino, Hoode, Durb Morrison, Krooked Ken, Dr. Donny Robinson, Joey Knuckles, Cary Aldridge, RESP, Myke Chambers, Seth Mushrush, Kristel Oreto, Dave Tevenal, Tim Pangburn, Bird, Airrat, Mark Harada, Gia Rose, Kes One.

Being my first show, and having worked with so many amazing artists, it was hard to decide and keep the list under 1,000.  So I went with artists who I’ve worked with, know personally as friends, and who have inspired me.  I’m honored so many people participated, we could barely fit the show on the walls of the gallery. I’m also extremely honored to have so many of the artists I looked up to from early on in my career participate in a show that I was putting on.

TS: Where can people see the show?

JK: On December 1st, Once Ridden will be on display at Memento Tattoo in Columbus, Ohio.

TS: If you had the pick your favorite board of the show, what was it?

JK: My favorite board was Patt Whelan’s board.  It just really reminds me of being 16, and picking out boards in the back of Thrasher Magazine.

TS: Will this be an annual event?
JK: As of now I have no plans to host the event annually, but we’ll see how it goes on the road in the cities that Once Ridden plans on traveling too
TS: Any special thanks or last words?
JK: Thanks to everybody at Tattoo Snob for your continued support, all of the artists who participated, Art Machine Productions for hosting such a fun show, the shop apprentice Nick Panzer and my assistant Dave Weeks for hanging the show. I would of course give thanks to the masters of fine art and tattooing for paving the way, inventing the designs to be handed down for generations, and allowing us to continue on creating… and destroying. Once Ridden.

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