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Tattoo Snob launched in 2009 to showcase a wide variety of styles, compositions and subject matter from tattooers world wide. We are dedicated to showing you new work from old favorites, as well as introducing you to artists you’ve never heard of before. We aren’t interested in making fun of bad tattoos; there’s plenty of other websites that have that handled. This site is meant to be a common ground for collectors and artists alike.

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The ‘Snobs’

Kevin is a long time collector, enjoys sushi and dislikes slow drivers. If you’ve frequented conventions in the past five years, you’ve probably seen him before. Kevin lives in Portland, OR and can be seen at conventions along the west coast… permitting he can get time off his real job, that is. You can find him on TwitterInstagram or contact him directly at

Julene is no longer involved with Tattoo Snob.