See the pattern?

April 8th, 2011 by Julene Huffman -


The frequency with which I’m seeing black and grey tattoo work focused not only on patterns but geometric design with in the US is on the rise… and I think I like it. It does the raise a couple of questions: what should I be calling this? Do you guys even care what the official term for this “style” is? Should I?

Tattoo by Gemma Pariente at Full Circle Tattoos in San Diego, CA

Mixing it up with Steve Martin

January 23rd, 2014 by Kevin -


If you follow Martin’s work, you’ll know he’s been incorporating a specific pattern of dots into a majority of his pieces for sometime. It happens so often, that when he doesn’t do it, it warrants a post on Tattoo Snob.

Tattoo by Steve Martin

Tattoo by Steve Martin at Black 13 Tattoo Parlor in Nashville, TN

West Coast geometry

December 11th, 2012 by Julene Huffman -


I could spend all day browsing the work coming out of 2Spirit Tattoo in San Francisco. If you’re into lines, geometry, and patterns this may also be true for you.

Tattoo by Michael E. Bennett at 2Spirit Tattoo in San Francisco, CA


December 7th, 2012 by Julene Huffman -


With all this talk of geometry and patterns, it seems now is as good a time as any to whip out the cross-stitch.

Tattoo by Esther Garcia at Butterfat Studios in Chicago, IL.

Been a while since we’ve seen a Thomas Hooper interview

November 11th, 2012 by Julene Huffman -


There’s been a bit of a lull in interviews & artists spotlights on Thomas Hooper  – and that makes sense, given he’s a busy man: tattooing, art shows, parenting, painting – there’s just not enough time to do it all. The newest interview from 3sixteen does a nice job of covering the tattoos, geometric patterns and religious imagery that’s gained Thomas widespread acclaim over the last few years.
Oh, and there’s some damned good pictures. Read the full interview via 3sixteen here.
Photo by Davi Russo

Who’s behind the rising popularity of geometry?

June 28th, 2012 by Julene Huffman -


The increasing number of tattoos featuring geometric patterns and shapes speak to the growing popularity of the subject matter, but where is this stuff coming from? A heavy portion of it should be attributed to the ‘geometric genius’ that is Myoshka. Admittedly, I would be unable to answer this question were it not for an interview conducted by Dorrell Merritt at Sang Bleu. Here’s the introduction, just to whet your whistle:

The Enigma of  Myoshka, is as equally revered as he is renowned within both the tattoo and art world alike. Inspiring a generation of practitioners, as well as collaborating with the likes of Thomas Hooper, Tomas Tomas and Xed Le Head, he has earned his name as a Geometrical genius: capable of  boggling the mind and altering planes of vision through tesselative drawings, designs and Gif Files. Hundreds of dedicated followers of his complex style  have shown permanent appreciation through both tattooing and scarring alike, allowing this realm of adornment to constantly have its boundaries tested and pushed forwards. 

Read the interview over at Sang Bleu.

There’s a lot going on

March 2nd, 2012 by Julene Huffman


I really did try to think of a cool title for this post, but with so much going on in this back piece it was hard to pick just ONE element to talk about. Mythical creatures, symbols, filligree, patterns, a huge skull…

And also, a ton of work is going on the back end of TattooSnob.

Tattoo by Iain Mullen at Imperial Tattoo in Stockholm, Sweden